Custom Cakes By Kelly

The Flavor Of Your Choice

Classic Wedding White

Tender white cake filled with my signature vanilla/champagne flavored European buttercream. This cake pairs well with a raspberry or strawberry jam filling. For a delicious summer wedding flavor, I suggest fresh cut strawberries.


Good old fashioned chocolate cake this pairs well with the following fillings:

  • Peanut butter cup buttercream
  • Raspberry buttercream
  • Strawberry buttercream
  • Mocha chip buttercream (coffee flavored buttercream filled with chopped chocolate covered espresso beans)
  • Chocolate cookie crunch (chocolate buttercream with chopped cookie pieces
  • Chocolate caramel hazelnut (chocolate ganache, chopped hazelnuts, drizzled with caramel)
  • Chocolate buttercream with fresh sliced strawberries
  • Orange buttercream (yes, it's delicious!


Old fashioned butter cake swirled with espresso spiked chocolate cake. This pairs well with

  • Mocha buttercream
  • Raspberry or strawberry buttercream
  • Vanilla buttercream

Coconut rum

Coconut cake filled with coconut rum flavored buttercream with toasted coconut crunchies

Triple Lemon Pucker Up!

Lemon cake filled with alternating layers of lemon curd and lemon buttercream (delicious flavor for a summer wedding!)

Lemon with blackberry buttercream

Lemon-coconut cake with raspberry jam (another great flavor for a summer wedding

Mandarin Orange

Mandarin orange cake filled with white chocolate and mandarin orange buttercream

Carmalized Pineapple

Butter cake with carmalized pineapples, then filled with a pineapple buttercream

Pistachio Caramel

Pistachio cake with a pistachio buttercream and a hint of cardamom (delish!)

Peach Honey Bourbon

Peach flavored cake with peaches glazed in my homemade honey-bourbon sauce (not too boozy) then filled with a peach buttercream

Key Lime

Key lime flavored cake filled with a key lime and coconut buttercream (another happy summer flavor!)


Chocolate cake layers filled with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry buttercream

Ode to Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey

Banana cake filled with banana buttercream filled with chopped walnuts and chocolate chunks

Classic Red Velvet

Red velvet filled with the best cream cheese icing! (not recommended for outdoor weddings or events)

Carrot cake with a hint of orange, filled with once again the best cream cheese icing EVER!

  • (again, not recommended for outdoor weddings or events)

White Chocolate Amaretto

White chocolate cake flavored with amaretto and filled with a white chocolate, almond and amaretto flavored buttercream